Happy New Year 2018

It’s a new refreshing year. The old it’s gone and the new is here, present. May you have a phenomenal year in 2018. What I wish for God to do for you is to draw you close to Him each and everyday of your lives. But there is something that you must do first = […]

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Uncertainties in life

Feeling uncertain about life can be life wracking. Not knowing what to do next or where to go, can make you ‘feel’ like you are stuck. Asking God what to do? Where should I go? Who should I meet? and you don’t hear anything from Him. Pure Silence! Or you do hear but like the […]

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Removing The Veil

           I stopped one day from what I was doing and thought – ” I have many blind spots that still need to be dealt with and some of them I don’t even know them yet, I wish God could’ve revealed them all to me.” – I smiled. Knowing that that’s […]

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Greater Joy

We can get weary in this race that was given to us. The problems and the circumstances sometimes can be too much for us to bear. We hear all the time ‘don’t give up’ – from friends or family or through social media or posts. We look to the right and to the left and […]

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Imagine all of the human beings in this world were candlesticks, each candlestick holds a candle and every candle goes to a source to get light for their candles. Now imagine there are only two sources that provide light for the candles. One source of light burns the wax and the candle has to always […]

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  If you closely notice, everything in this life requires some sort of preparation for example preparing for weddings, when travelling you name it. Preparing for the future is important but preparing for the coming of Christ and the judgement day is even more important than anything else.   Even Christ prepared us something:   […]

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